The Fresh Loaf
Forum, information, blogs, and recipes for baking

Wild Yeast
Great collection of baking recipes and photos

Azure Standard
Dufur, Oregon
Organic farm that grows, repackages, and sells natural foods. They can tell you the source of anything with their private label on it.

Bob’s Red Mill
Milwaukie, Oregon
Packages a wide variety of whole grains, flours and legumes. They will tell you the source of all their items if asked.

Lentz Spelt Farms
Marlin, Washington
Private farm that grows spelt, emmer farro, camelina, and einkorn. They sell through retailers and directly to the public. Look for einkorn to be available in 2012.

Pleasant Hill Grain
Hampton, Nebraska
Online store that specializes in a wide variety of kitchen tools and appliances, including food grade buckets and gamma seal lids for storing grains

The Urban Homemaker
Paonia, Colorado
Family‐run online store with a wide selection of grain mills and other kitchen equipment

Pleasant Hill, California
Information and forum for backyard chicken keepers

Seattle Farm Co‐op
Member‐based cooperative that promotes sustainable urban farming through classes, supplies, and a member forum.‐

My Pet Chicken
Norwalk, Connecticut
Mail order—3 chick minimum


Fias Co Farm
Okemos, Michigan
Information on goat care, including plans for goat housing, and cheesemaking

Goat Justice League
Seattle, Washington
Jennie Grant’s website dedicated to backyard mini‐goats


Oregon Cheese Guild
Nice listing of Oregon artisan and commercial cheesemakers

Washington Cheese Guild
Washington State
Information, recipes, and a forum for cheesemakers

Washington State Cheesemakers
Nice listing of Washington artisan and commercial cheesemakers


Seattle Tilth
Seattle, Washington
Nonprofit educational organization with
classes on all manner of urban farming
from gardening to rainwater harvesting
to livestock keeping

Seattle, Washington
Nonprofit that organizes volunteers to harvest and distribute communal fruit

Fat of the Land
Langdon Cook’s foraging blog and book by the same name
Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager, by Langdon Cook. Seattle, WA: Skipstone Press, 2009.

Urban Edibles
Portland, Oregon
Database of wild food sources in Portland, Oregon

Wildman Steve Brill
New York, New York
Comprehensive wild food site

Portland Community Garden Program
Portland, Oregon
City of Portland’s Community Garden Program. Search for “community gardens” on city website:

Seattle BioChar Working Group
Seattle, Washington
SeaChar hosts biochar‐stove‐building workshops throughout the greater Seattle area, sometimes at points beyond.

Seattle Permaculture Guild
Seattle, Washington
News, information, and events put on by the Seattle Permaculture Guild

Seattle P‐Patch Program
Seattle, Washington
City of Seattle’s Community Garden Program

Seeds of Change
Rancho Dominguez, California
Extensive selection of organic seeds

Cottage Grove, Oregon
Certified organic sister seed company of Territorial Seed

Territorial Seed Company
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Garden supplies and seeds, trialed for the Pacific Northwest climate


Ballard Bee Company
Seattle, Washington
Company will set up bees in your backyard or sell you equipment. Will customize a standard hive if you’re interested in the foundationless method featured in this book. Our favorite beekeepers Ken and Rebecca Reid recommend customizing Langstroth‐style hives, as these are the industry standard and use the most commonly available components.

Beemaster Forum
Online forum concerning all styles of beekeeping

Bee Source Forum
Huge online forum concerning all styles of beekeeping


Online directory of pastured meats, dairy and produce in the United States and Canada

Local Harvest
Online directory of local foods, farms, and farmers markets in the United States

Sustainable Table
Online directory of fresh, locally grown, and sustainably produced food in the United States and Canada

Rabbit Talk
Active forum with a focus on meat rabbits

Pastured Sensations
Snohomish, Washington
Family‐run business that raises chickens, turkeys, pork, and grass‐fed beef. Chickens are Cornish Cross but raised without soy or corn.


Homesteading Today
Active forum with threads on any animal you can keep in the city plus fiber, crafting, soap and lotion making, and food preservation: all manner of homesteading

Soap Making Forum
Active forum covering soap, lotions, and other products


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