• Annette Cottrell wins the 2011 Jeff Fairhall Local Food Hero Award from Eat Local Now
  • Author feature of Joshua McNichols on
  • The Urban Farm Handbook was #2 on Seattle Magazine’s “The Must List” for October 2011
  • [this] go-to guide will have even city slickers eating fresh from the backyard Seattle Magazine
  • [The Urban Farm Handbook] is a vast, thorough, interesting tool for those into food production and homesteading. And even if you’re not going to become a hardcore urban farmer, it’s useful to understand how the urban and farm worlds can collide in a time in which we need to redesign the way we produce and consume food. Treehugger
  • Throughout The Urban Farm Handbook, you’ll find notes on “opportunities for change,” laying out the authors’ different levels of crazy — venturing from the most subtle changes (buying organic) to the more advanced (making your own) and everything in between. McNichols deems himself as being “crazy,” while Cottrell is “very, very crazy” (in a good way, of course!). Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure DIY manual on urban farming — but be prepared: You might also just find yourself dangling off of the edge of the crazy cliff as well! — Parent Map
  • Throughout the book, readers will also find “Opportunities for Change” – steps people can take to achieve a more sustainable urban kitchen, whether it’s as simple as changing the types of vendors you buy from or turning your front yard into an edible farm! Apartment Therapy
  • The authors have done what they are describing and their personal stories and experiences make the book accessible on an emotional level. You will marvel at what each of them has accomplished…..[The Urban Farm Handbook is] full of useful and stimulating ideas. Transition Lummi Island
  • An incredible resource and quite inspiring. –Dr. Stephen S. Jones, Director, WSU Research and Extension Center at Mt. Vernon

But you don’t have to take their word for it. Ruminate on these reader testimonials instead! 

  • The book is an excellent resource and how to manual about urban farming here in the NW!  –Amy S., Seattle Farm Co-op
  • I am almost half way through your book, that I bought on Sunday, and it is without question the best book of its kind that I’ve read. You succeeded on a level that few others do, as an author sharing valuable information and advice. Elizabeth S.
  • I am incredibly impressed with The Urban Farm Handbook and can’t wait to read it cover to cover.  –Betsy
  • I bought a copy yesterday and I give it 5 stars.  Very useful information and a good read. –Theresa
  • Seriously, love the book!!!!  Can’t seem to put it down. It has been following me all over the house and whenever I have a spare moment it is open. Thank you! –Erin
  • Got your book today, your book ROCKS!!!!  –Jacob
  • Densely awesome… –Meg
  • I just bought a copy of your book! I was planning to read it this fall, but my wife latched onto it, and wants to read it first! We live on a standard city lot in Bellingham, but try to grow or make a lot of own food. I will definitely recommend it to others….I will probably even buy a few more copies to give away. –Jon
  • I LOVE the book! All the great local resources and info, the personal voice, the slightly different approaches between you and Josh, it’s wonderful, congrats to you both! btw, we’ll be purchasing our grain grinder shortly, you’ve completely convinced both John and me it’s the way to go!  –Justine