About the Authors

Annette Cottrell is the author of the popular blog SustainableEats.com. She had canned, gardened, and pined for a hobby farm for more than twenty years. Then in December of 2008, she developed a midlife food crisis and, as a result, she stopped buying industrial food altogether and transformed her one-fifth-acre Seattle city lot into an edible oasis and urban farm. After finishing this book, she decided to move to small acreage just outside the city, where she now raises food for a handful of Seattle-area families.

Annette takes particular delight in proving how strong in-city food security can be, creating compact garden plans and focusing on shade-loving edibles and perennial vegetables. Her efforts have been featured in a variety of media, including a television pilot, “Urban Tomato,” and she has spoken at Sustainable NE Seattle’s “Planet Home” event and Seattle’s Hardy Plant Society. When not raising and making food for her husband and two children, Annette, who has a background in finance, runs an online store and support site for infant reflux, www.PollywogBaby.com.

Joshua McNichols is a 37-year-old journalist who loves finding food outside the grocery store system. He has reported for Seattle public radio station KUOW and for nationally syndicated public radio programs, including “Weekend America” and “The Splendid Table.” He currently produces a podcast on composting for Seattle Tilth.

Joshua traces his love of home-grown food to his days as a latchkey kid in Washington State, when having lost his house key, he spent many afternoons eating ripe fruit in an ancient plum tree until his parents came home. Though trained as an architect, his propensity for asking questions eventually led him into journalism. Today, the local food movement allows him to explore fundamental questions about our relationship to food. His favorite stories feature memorable characters connecting through their food and community; it’s these stories that have infected him with a passion for urban farming. A seasoned gardener and certified master composter, Joshua lives and farms in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood with his wife and two children. He still has quite a thing for plums.